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Mayor Tim Keller Turning Government Inside Out with 100th Board and Commission Appointment

Mayor Tim Keller appointed Enrique Cardiel to the Indicators and Progress Commission

August 21, 2018

After walking into the vacancies of nearly 200 City board and commission positions, Mayor Tim Keller’s 100th board and commission nominee was approved by City Council last night. Enrique Cardiel was appointed to the Indicators and Progress Commission, which is tasked with coordinating the review of important community conditions. The commission plays a role in coordinating and reviewing feedback from the community at summits held every two years, most recently held throughout the month of July.

“Making progress on filling these empty positions gives members of our community a chance to put skin the game and make a difference for our city,” said Mayor Keller. “We still have positions available and I encourage anyone with ideas to contact my office to see how they can help by serving on a board or commission.”

Albuquerque’s fifty-two advisory boards and commissions are served by volunteer members who oversee and execute the board or commission’s objectives. Membership of each board or commission ranges from three to twenty-one for a total of 432 volunteer positions created by City Council. Each board and commission has a different mandate from the council ranging from volunteerism to overseeing City entities.

“I believe that everyone has something valuable to bring to the table, and my background in public health helps me see different perspectives. It was important for me to lend my expertise and perspective to the City, so that it can be a place we are all proud to live,” said Enrique Cardiel, Mayor Keller’s 100th board and commission nominee to be approved by City Council. Cardiel graduated from New Mexico State University with a Masters in Public Health and has since worked in the health care sector with an emphasis in data analysis to support community based health projects.

Mayor Keller’s emphasis on filling vacant positions on boards and commissions is part of his work to turn government inside out and get the community involved in solving some of the city’s toughest challenges while promoting the things that make Albuquerque great.

Membership requirements are different for each board and commission and those who are interested in applying for a position should visit for more information.