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Mayor Tim Keller Signs Updated Complete Streets Ordinance

First Vision Zero policy change creates safer, more inclusive streets.

August 20, 2019

Today, Mayor Tim Keller signed the updated Complete Streets Ordinance sponsored by City Councilor Isaac Benton and supported by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, AARP, Slow Roll 505 and other organizations. The ordinance is the first policy change associated with the city’s commitment to ‘Vision Zero’ and creates more inclusive roadways by slowing down drivers and making pedestrians and cyclists safer on roadways. The designs in the ordinance are also proven to bolster economic activity in cities.

“It’s not acceptable for cities to have roadways that are uninviting and unsafe for anyone but drivers,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We are changing that with street designs that encourage walking, cycling and riding the bus. No matter your mode of transportation, you deserve to feel like you belong on your city streets.”

Low and moderate income neighborhoods are more likely to have poor street designs and more fatal crashes. The Complete Streets Ordinance focuses on improving mobility for older and underserved neighborhoods.

City Councilor Isaac Benton said, “Complete streets are all about equity, safety and public health. All users of our public ways deserve fair and safe accommodation, no matter their economic means, mobility choices, and physical ability. Complete streets also encourages healthy active living, like walking and biking.

The updated Complete Streets Ordinance:

  • Increases and updated ADA Compliance as well as equitable mobility for all;
  • Focuses on older, low and moderate income neighborhoods;
  • Better street designs that add sidewalks separated from the roadway and bicycle lanes with buffers;
  • Encourages walking, biking and transit, especially at peak-hour commutes;
  • Adds before and after studies involving Complete Streets projects improvements, lane reduction, restriping, signalization changes, and general safety improvements; and,
  • Steps to make Albuquerque a leading Vision Zero city.

The City of Albuquerque is committed to improving the right-of-way for all users. Mayor Keller signed the Vision Zero pledge in May 2019. The Vision Zero taskforce will complete a report in the summer of 2020 suggesting best steps to move Albuquerque to zero fatalities on our roadways. The Complete Street Ordinance update is an important step toward Vision Zero. Residents and visitors, regardless of their age, ability, gender, ethnicity, or financial resources deserve to comfortably, safely and efficiently use the public right-of-way regardless of their mode of travel. The new Complete Streets Ordinance goes into effect immediately.