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Mayor Tim Keller Signs GO Bond Package

$200,000,000 to support public safety, housing and needed infrastructure in Albuquerque.

May 1, 2023

Today, Mayor Tim Keller signed the 2023 two-year General Obligation (GO) Bond Capital Budget and the Decade Plan for Capital Improvements. The GO Bond package will help the City of Albuquerque prioritizes projects that support public safety, housing, and improved quality of life.

The GO bond package will be on the general election ballot this fall. Projects will be enacted after the bond issues are submitted to and approved by voters. As such, the program totals and project budgets are submitted to the City Council as a planning program.

"By investing in public safety, housing and projects that boost quality of life, we can build a stronger, safer Albuquerque," said Mayor Tim Keller. "The GO Bond package will help us address some of our most pressing needs while also creating jobs and stimulating economic growth."

The 2023 plan includes a two-year capital budget, as well as planning elements for four, six, eight, and 10 years. The plan outlines requirements for project scope, schedule, budget, justification, and alternatives. The GO Bond package includes a range of projects that address infrastructure needs and quality of life issues in the city.

The City’s three public safety departments will receive a total of $21,340,000 to improve and expand facilities.

The package includes $12,500,000 to go toward building more affordable housing throughout Albuquerque and renovations at the Gateway Center to provide resources, hope and healing for unsheltered people on their path to housing.

The Department of Municipal Development (DMD) will receive a total of $57,950,000 for various street and hydrology projects, including the reconstruction of intersections and ADA sidewalk improvements.

The Parks and Recreation department will receive $21,950,000 for projects such as park, playground, and pool renovations and open space facility improvements. $10,900,00 will go toward cultural facilities and museums like the Albuquerque Museum education center.