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Mayor Tim Keller Seeks Community Input on City Website

Mayor Keller Invites the public to complete an online feedback form about the City's website.

August 29, 2018

As part of Mayor Tim Keller’s commitment to an innovative and inclusive Albuquerque, the City is asking the public for feedback on its official website, The community is invited to complete a survey of what they like and dislike about the website, as well as share their ideas for improvements. The deadline to submit feedback is Sunday, September 9.

“Our City provides a vast range of services from trash pick and road repairs to programs for kids and rides for seniors, but sometimes finding information about those services can be difficult. We’re turning government inside out, and want to know what the community needs, so that our City’s government can be easily accessed from the palm of your hand,” said Mayor Tim Keller.

The goal of the City’s website is to make city services and programs accessible to everyone while staying at the forefront of innovation with an easy-to-use and navigate online portal.

Along with the launch of the One Albuquerque App, a community-driven website will make City services and programs more accessible than ever.

The feedback form is available at:

Public computers with free internet access are available at the City’s libraries and community centers.