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Mayor Tim Keller Names Appointments to Legal, Tech Teams

Winter Torres and Del Ameko join the City.

December 13, 2018

Today, Mayor Tim Keller announced appointments to the City Attorney’s Office and Department of Technology and Innovation who will play important roles to make Albuquerque a safe, innovative and inclusive city. Winter Torres will serve as the Deputy City Attorney for Policy and Del Ameko will serve as the City’s Technology Services Transformation Manager.

“We’re working to bring the best and brightest to work for us -- especially local folks who just need a good reason to move back to Albuquerque, like Winter Torres and those who have built their career here like Del Ameko,” said Mayor Tim Keller.

A jpeg of Winter Torres' Head shot.

As Deputy City Attorney for Policy, Winter Torres will be working on long-term policy initiatives. A native New Mexican, Torres is a Cornell Law School graduate who did her undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico. She later moved to Denver, Colorado to practice law where she focused on discrimination cases. She then worked to increase diversity in the legal profession through education and mentorship.

“After being away for so long, working for Albuquerque and its people, especially with a City team focused on diversity and equity was the perfect opportunity to bring me home,” said Winter Torres, the City’s new Deputy City Attorney for Policy. “I hope my skill set will help create One Albuquerque and push priorities that will make our home be the great city we all know it can be.”

A jpeg of Del Ameko's Headshot.

In his role as the City’s Technology Services Transformation Manager, Del Ameko will review and identify new tech opportunities that will improve service to Albuquerque residents. Ameko began his career at Jaynes Corporation in Albuquerque as a Systems Administrator where he was promoted to IT Manager and worked for 11 years. Since then Ameko has worked in IT at a number of Albuquerque companies where he specialized in technology for businesses.

“The City of Albuquerque has a number of opportunities to improve service through the power of technology,” said Del Ameko, the City’s Technology Services Transformation Manager. “After serving in many roles throughout the business community, I’ll be using my skills to work on a team that is already doing a lot to improve user experiences through technology.”