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Mayor Tim Keller Leads Demolition of Abandoned Property

Tim Keller and the Planning Department’s Code Enforcement Division and Safe City Strike Force demolished a nuisance property in the International District, taking back Albuquerque, block-by-block.

September 5, 2018

Today, Mayor Tim Keller along with the Planning Department’s Code Enforcement Division and Safe City Strike Force, demolished an unoccupied residential nuisance property in an Albuquerque neighborhood. The abandoned building located in the International District has been one of the worst offenders of the Uniform Housing Code and Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, staying in violation since 2016.

“These abandoned buildings need to go,” stated Mayor Tim Keller. “They are an eye sore for our neighborhoods and too often become hot spots for criminal activity. No matter what part of town you live in, you deserve to feel safe and take pride in your neighborhood. We’re starting to take back Albuquerque, block-by-block.”

The property has been a drain on City resources, collecting liens and multiple calls for service over the last two years. The City issued warnings and notices to the property owners to remedy the situation, but without action from the owners, a judge ruled the City followed all legal requirements and is authorized to demolish the nuisance property.

There are approximately fifteen unoccupied substandard residential properties being considered for demolition, they include 202 Candelaria NW, 113 Eubank NE, 350 Dolores NW, 115 Charleston SE, 516 Kentucky SE, 200 Utah NE, 7200 Constitution NE, 8400 Chico NE, 536 Charleston SE, 5416 Rim Ct SW, 514 Pennsylvania SE, 247 Espanola NE, 201 General Chennault NE, 1308 8th Street SW, and 311 Atlantic SW.         

Acting on his commitment to making all neighborhoods safer by removing nuisance properties and minimizing blight, earlier this year, Mayor Keller approved additional funding for the Safe City Strike Force in order to fortify their ability to enforce the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, Uniform Housing Code and Dilapidated Commercial Building Ordinance.