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Mayor Tim Keller Honors ABQ Residents with One Albuquerque Award: April 3, 2020

CeanPatrick Maestas, Angie Marentes, Missy Pochiro, Daphne Flores, Joel Mahoney, and Fermin Gallegos were recognized.

April 3, 2020

Six recipients helping with the Senior Affairs meal program were nominated by Kathleen Yarbrough, who picks up her lunches at the North Valley Senior Center, for the One Albuquerque Award.

Today One Albuquerque awards were given to:

Patrick Maestas
Angie Marentes
Missy Pochiro
Daphne Flores
Joel Mahoney
Fermin Gallegos

The One Albuquerque Award is given to members of the community or City employees to celebrate their extraordinary efforts in making Albuquerque a safer and more inclusive place. The award highlights the positive impact individuals can have on communities and calls on others to think about ways to help their neighbors and the city as a whole.

Anyone is welcome to nominate a member of the community or City employee for a One Albuquerque Award. Nominations can be submitted at