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Mayor Tim Keller Honors ABQ Resident with One Albuquerque Award: Feb. 27, 2020

Ceanne Gonzales, an R.N. at UNM Hospital’s Gen. Pediatrics Unit, was recognized.

Feb. 27, 2020

Ceanne Gonzales, a Resident Nurse. at UNM Hospital’s General Pediatrics Unit, was awarded the One Albuquerque Award for stepping up for homeless people in Albuquerque. Ceanne was nominated by Nicole Rodgers for the Blue Wrap Project. Ceanne collects the blue wraps used to surround the sterile kits in the Operating Room and makes mats and sleeping bags. The blue wraps are clean, lightweight, easy to wash and dry. Ceanne, very thoughtfully, changed the design based on feedback. She now also sews pockets into the inside of the bag for valuables to be stored while sleeping.

Ceanne goes above and beyond for people on the streets at night and her compassion demonstrates exactly what it means to be One Albuquerque.

The One Albuquerque Award is given to members of the community or City employees to celebrate their extraordinary efforts in making Albuquerque a safer and more inclusive place. The award highlights the positive impact individuals can have on communities and calls on others to think about ways to help their neighbors and the city as a whole.

Anyone is welcome to nominate a member of the community or City employee for a One Albuquerque Award. Nominations can be submitted at