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Mayor Tim Keller Announces New Initiative to Support Artists as Entrepreneurs in the Creative Economy

Tipping Points for Creatives aims to connect Albuquerque-based artists with services and resources.

March 4, 2019

Today Mayor Tim Keller announced a new initiative to address the business needs and challenges of local artists of all backgrounds and connect them to resources that will take them to the next level in order to make a living in the creative economy. Tipping Points for Creatives leverages partnerships to make direct investments in musicians, visual and performing artists, artisans, and other creative entrepreneurs.

"This new program is in-line with this administration's Economic Development Plan as it relates to elevating the local creative economy," said Mayor Keller. "Tipping Points will help local artists, by an Increment of One, by matching them with available resources." 

During today's announcement, the City of Albuquerque's Cultural Services and Economic Development departments, along with community partners City Alive, Downtown Arts and Cultural District, and Keshet Center for the Arts, met with and invited dozens of local artists from all backgrounds to provide feedback on how to best accomplish the program's objectives.  

"We're reaching out to local artists who have, at one time, reached a tipping point in their own experiences to help us shape this initiative," said Dr. Shelle Sanchez, director of the Cultural Services Department. "Feedback from each stage will impact the continuous improvement of the program."   

The program's five objectives are: 

  • To Learn - Better understand the challenges and barriers facing creators as they seek to propel sustainable and thriving artistic practices in Albuquerque.
  • To Support - Provide expertise, tools, and resources that the City and partnering organizations have to support artists in reaching their next level of growth.
  • To Connect - Develop meaningful partnerships with other local organizations and entities to provide greater resources to artists.
  • To Galvanize - Create more intentional communities for artists to gather, network, and learn from each other as peers.
  • To Share - Determine if there are noteworthy patterns and trends from the many vehicles for data-gathering as well as strategic opportunities to share findings more broadly.   

The initial vision for the initiative is a multi-faceted program that will allow for real-time moments to hear from artists the resources needed for further professional development and provide hands-on services to meet those needs. Through a series of in-person cohort convenings and resource-sharing opportunities, Tipping Points for Creatives will provide the unique opportunity to connect with artists individually and provide space for peer-learning and knowledge sharing.  

Artists interested in participating are asked to fill out a short questionnaire no later than March 31. Tipping Points for Creatives questionnaire.

Artists invited to participate will be placed into diverse cohort groups for in-person meetings with facilitators throughout 2019. Based on findings from the meetings, the City along with partner organizations will finalize a list of services and resources that can be provided to artists. Types of resources include but are not limited to personal coaching from local experts, professional photography sessions, performance space, and production facilities.