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Mayor Keller Steps Up City of Albuquerque’s Sexual Harassment Prevention

The administration will implement annual mandatory training for city employees.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today, Mayor Tim Keller announced that he is stepping up the City of Albuquerque’s sexual harassment prevention. The City of Albuquerque is now requiring city employees to take yearly mandatory training in sexual harassment prevention. The administration also added gender identity to the policies and training for the first time to include protections for transgender and gender non-conforming city employees. The change makes the policies on gender identity consistent with state law.

“The policy change is essential to ensure city employees from all walks of life experience a safe, fair and healthy work environment,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Creating an inclusive Albuquerque starts with walking the walk at City Hall by implementing a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy and requiring annual training for all city employees.”

About 250 city employees have already taken the 1.5 hours of training, and a number of departments, including Solid Waste’s 550 employees and the library system’s 100 employees, have requested to take it within the next 30 days.

“Preventing and addressing sexual harassment and discrimination is not optional,” stated Chief Administrative Officer Sarita Nair. “For the first time, every City employee will take the sexual harassment prevention training annually and the data will be tracked by our Human Resources department.”

Initial training for city employees will be provided in person for the first year at a number of city locations, including the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum, the Albuquerque Museum, the ABQ BioPark and the City Council Chambers. The classes will be offered weekly and at various times. Annual follow-up training will be available through the city’s training system, Public Service University.