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Mayor Keller Signs Off on Community Benefits Requirement

City will initiate community benefits agreement for stadium if bond proposal passes

October 5, 2021

Last week, Mayor Keller signed a council resolution that will require a community benefits agreement between the City, New Mexico United and any neighborhood directly impacted by any new soccer stadium. The resolution outlines ways in which the City of Albuquerque and the main tenant of the proposed stadium would address leading issues in the community in which the stadium may be built if the bond passes next month.

The agreement could include community amenities and services such as a community healthcare facility, childcare space, and a micro-incubator for artists and small businesses. The resolution also outlines the following requirements:

  • A plan for multimodal access to be developed in collaboration with the neighborhoods surrounding the potential stadium;
  • Employment and training opportunities for local residents at all levels, including youth and young adults;
  • Support and identify opportunities to create more affordable and workforce housing;
  • The creation of a Community Benefits Fund to be used by the neighborhoods directly impacted to build capacity and physical infrastructure to ensure the stadium promotes the neighborhood development objectives.

“This agreement will really be about protecting and supporting the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed stadium,” said Lawrence Rael, Chief Operations Officer. “If the voters decide to move the project forward, the City and the team will work with the neighborhoods to make sure that the neighbors have opportunities to benefit from the stadium in their community.”

The proposed $50 million bond to build a City-owned multi-use stadium is on the ballot for the 2021 election this November. You can find the full resolution here.