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Mayor Keller Releases Statement on Selection of U.S Space Command location

Jan. 13, 2021

Mayor Tim Keller released the following statement this afternoon:

“By showcasing our space technology expertise and long history of government contracting, Albuquerque made it into the small group of finalists, but it’s no surprise the outgoing administration would make a politically-motivated decision on their way out the door.  We are joining our federal delegation to ask the incoming administration to re-evaluate the decision based on merit.

The good news for Albuquerque is that this was only one piece, and not the biggest piece, of our city’s leadership position when it comes to space technology.  Our new partnership with Orion is slated to be much bigger and have more economic impact than the Space Force would have. Orion plans on producing well over a thousand good-paying, private sector jobs, outside the fence line, that will boost our long-standing institutions like KAFTB, Sandia, and Air Force Research Labs.”