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Mayor Keller Honors Albuquerque Resident with One Albuquerque Award

Eileen Jessen was recognized for her years of service on behalf of the South Los Altos neighborhood

April 12, 2019

Mayor Tim Keller and City Councilor Pat Davis honored Eileen Jessen –known to South Los Altos neighborhood residents as “The Neighborhood Lady”- with a One Albuquerque Citizen Award. The award signifies Mayor Keller’s recognition of Eileen’s service to her community through years of advocacy and volunteerism.

For many years, Eileen has been an advocate on behalf of the South Los Altos neighborhood and organizations supporting children in the area. As the president of her neighborhood association, she proudly supported the new vision for the International District.

“Eileen is a great example of what it means to be One Albuquerque. She devotes her time and energy to the service of her neighbors and the betterment of her community. For her years of advocacy, volunteerism, and charity, it is my pleasure to present Eileen with this month’s One Albuquerque Award,” Mayor Keller said.

The One Albuquerque Award is given to members of the community or City employees to celebrate their extraordinary efforts in making Albuquerque a safer and more inclusive place. The award highlights the positive impact individuals can have on communities and calls on others to think about ways to help their neighbors and the city as a whole.

Anyone is welcome to nominate a member of the community or City employee for a One Albuquerque Award. Nominations can be submitted at