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Mayor Keller Directs Funds to Gun Buy-Back Program

Gives people a safe way to dispose of unwanted firearms, keeps guns out of the wrong hands

March 3, 2020

As part of efforts to reduce gun violence in Albuquerque, Mayor Tim Keller is working with the City Council, Albuquerque Police Department, and Albuquerque Metro Crimestoppers to propose a Gun Buy-Back Program this year.

“We continue to encourage gun owners to keep their firearms secured and to safely dispose of any unwanted firearms. Gun violence is one of our biggest challenges and easy access to stolen guns isn’t helping. This is a tool that was very successful last year with 415 unwanted firearms turned into police. We’re proud to be sponsoring another one this year and encourage City Council to pass the funding tonight,” said Mayor Keller.

A request to allocate $75,000 in general funds to a Gun Buy-Back Program will be heard at the City Council this evening. The appropriation is sponsored by Councilors Benton, Borrego, Gibson, and Peña. The program will operate similarly to gun buy-back programs held in previous years that have compensated individuals for the voluntary surrender of firearms.

In Albuquerque, more than 700 firearms were stolen from vehicles or during auto thefts in 2018. Another 500 firearms were stolen during residential burglaries. The program is intended to decrease the number of unwanted guns and engage the community towards a common goal of reducing gun violence in Albuquerque.