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Mayor Keller, APD Release 2019 First-Quarter Crime Statistics

Most crimes continue to trend downward.
March 31, 2019

Mayor Tim Keller and APD Chief Mike Geier released crime statistics for the first quarter of 2019. Most crimes continue to trend downward, following the historic decreases many crime categories that began in 2018.

Largest decreases

  • Robbery -22% (cut in half since 2017)
  • Auto Theft -29% (38% decrease since 2017)
  • Auto Burglary -28% (45% decrease since 2017)

“Fighting crime is our number one priority. When it comes to driving crime down, there’s still a long road ahead until folks in every community can feel safer,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “But thanks to our hardworking police officers and all those working in public safety, we continue to show some significant progress in the key areas. Strategically focusing our resources is helping our city turn the corner on robbery, auto theft and auto burglary.”

The statistics are compiled with the same methodology that the previous administration used and include a year-to-year comparison for the same time period (January 1-March 31).

                                            2018               2019             % Change


Traffic Stops                          13,309            14,456            +8%


Auto Burglary                        2,482              1,787              -28%

Auto Theft                              1,638              1,168              -29%

Commercial Burglary              470                 460                 -2%

Residential Burglary                1,059              736                 -32%


Homicide                               17                    13                    -24%

Rape                                    117                 109                 -7%

Robbery                              489                 381                 -22%

Aggravated Assault             778                 746                 -4%

Non-Fatal Shootings           114                 131                 +12%

Mayor Tim Keller continued, “For nearly a decade, gun violence has become ever more pervasive and is often connected to other crimes. We’ve heard the concerns from our communities and we’ll be rolling out a multi-pronged plan to tackle gun violence head on later this week.”