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Mayor Keller and Albuquerque City Council Unveil 9/11 Memorial

City leaders unveil new memorial for Albuquerque firefighters who responded to the 9/11 attacks.

December 19, 2019

Mayor Tim Keller and Albuquerque City Councilors Brad Winter, Trudy Jones, Cynthia Borrego and a representative for Councilor Ken Sanchez announced the completion of Albuquerque’s first 9/11 memorial. This memorial honors the 41 Albuquerque Firefighters who volunteered to go to the Pentagon after the attacks to assist in the rescue efforts.

The Memorial is at the joint Albuquerque Fire Rescue Station 20/Albuquerque Police Department Substation located at 7520 Corona Avenue NE at North Domingo Baca Park.

The memorial includes two towers just under 10 feet tall and 2 ½ feet wide. The memorial is clear, backlit with light and bears the names of the brave Albuquerque Fire Fighters who volunteered for the assignment. A walkway, tile and beautiful landscaping surround the memorial with flight numbers from the periled flights adorned in front of the towers.

“The entire country came together after that fateful day including some of our own firefighters,” Mayor Tim Keller said. “I am proud of the sacrifice Albuquerque’s first responders made to help in the rescue efforts. This tribute to them is long overdue and I want to thank our City Council for helping make this a reality.”

“This has been a project in the works for some time now. I want to thank my fellow City Councilors for recognizing the importance of this memorial and for joining me in funding the construction of this prominent memorial.  I’ve been honored to work with AFR during the design process for this memorial to recognize the outstanding Albuquerque Fire Fighters that went to the Pentagon to assist the first responders. This memorial displays that we will never forget.” Said Councilor Brad Winter.

“It is easy to say the words “never forget.” said AFR Chief Dow. “However, it is something entirely different to ensure our community never forgets. This memorial will ensure we remember the brave act of these Albuquerque Firefighters after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.”

FBT Architects designed the memorial and Basic IDIQ was the contractor.