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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Commission & Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller Announce Support for Red Flag Law Improvements

Law would help law enforcement keep firearms out of hands of perpetrators of domestic violence.
January 22, 2024

The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Commission of the City of Albuquerque, in collaboration with Mayor Tim Keller, are announcing their unified support for improvements for Red Flag Law in the upcoming legislative session. Closing loopholes in the Red Flag Law is a priority in the Metro Crime Initiative.  
The City of Albuquerque recognizes the urgent need for effective measures to address gun violence in our communities. The impact of gun violence on the lives of Albuquerque families is a matter of great concern and demands meaningful action to enhance public safety. 
The forthcoming decision in the Rahimi Supreme Court case further underscores the importance of enacting legislation that can make a tangible difference in curbing the devastating effects of gun violence. Our collective advocacy for the Red Flag Law is grounded in the belief that removing firearms from individuals with a history of domestic violence is a crucial step toward preventing further tragedies. 

"Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our community is unwavering,” said Teresa Garcia, Chair of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Commission. “The Red Flag Law aligns with our mission to protect survivors of domestic violence and prevent further harm. By advocating for this legislation, we seek to foster a safer environment for everyone in Albuquerque." 
The Red Flag Law, if implemented, will empower law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from the possession of individuals subject to a restraining order, including extreme orders of protection. This initiative aims to protect survivors of domestic violence by reducing the risk of lethal incidents. 

"We must stand together to support victims of domestic violence and give law enforcement the tools they need to help keep our families safe,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “While APD has been a leader in using the existing law to remove firearms from dangerous individuals, we need stronger policy like the Red Flag Law that empowers law enforcement to take action in these situations and prevent tragedy.” 
The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Commission and Mayor Keller urge the community to unite in support of this crucial legislation. Together, we can take an important step toward reducing the number of homicides that have tragically claimed the lives of survivors of domestic violence.