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City of Albuquerque Committed to Arresting Perpetrator, Providing Resources and Protecting Muslim Community

Suspicious Vehicle Identified, services include access to counseling, increased security for Mosques, meal delivery and more

August 7, 2022

Today, as the Albuquerque Police Department discussed new details on the recent homicides in the Muslim community, Mayor Tim Keller shared how the City is stepping up to keep the community safe and offer resources to those who are being impacted. The City is committed to establishing safe places for worship and education and making services available throughout the community.

“This is a difficult time for Albuquerque, and a frightening time for many. Albuquerque’s commitment to supporting our Muslim community cannot be broken. We remember each of the victims and the family, friends, and community who knew and loved them. We are outraged by these attacks and will not relent in our pursuit of justice for those we have lost. We also want the community know and feel our support for them, we are organizing home food deliveries to for those in need, providing paths for trauma services, extending police presence at Mosques for prayer time and asking APS and UNM to coordinate safety for students as they return to school.” said Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller.

“Today, APD released information about a vehicle that may be involved in this incident. If you have information about the vehicle or any other information that could help our investigators, please come forward now. All information you provide will be anonymous and confidential. You can contact Crime Stoppers at 505-843-STOP or the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. There is a $20,000 reward from Crime Stoppers and a $10,000 reward from Council on American-Islamic Relations for information that leads to an arrest.” 

In addition to the coordinated investigative efforts being led by APD to capture the perpetrator or perpetrators of these crimes, the safety measures and service offerings from the City include:

  • Increased police presence near Mosques and Muslim affiliated schools
  • Working with UNM Police on safety plan for students returning to campus
  • Coordinating with APS Police to ensure safe return to schools, especially schools in SE
  • Access to support and trauma counseling through the Albuquerque Community Safety Department, contact 311 to get connected
  • Grocery and hot meal delivery for those who don’t feel safe, contact 311 to arrange