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City of Albuquerque Attracting Best and Brightest to Legal Department

Albuquerque is filling long-standing vacancies with ten new attorneys joining the legal team.

August 14, 2018

Ten new attorneys have joined the City of Albuquerque’s legal team since March of this year. The City is filling some long-standing vacancies with many talented attorneys joining the team from private practice law firms and other government agencies. The City’s legal department serves the City and its employees through litigation, drafting contracts, ordinances and regulations, and attending or advising various boards.

“The City’s legal department used to be one of the largest law firms in the State, but that shifted in recent years with high turnover and outsourcing,” stated Mayor Tim Keller.  “We are bringing together a new team to build a safe, inclusive and innovative city. It’s great to see so many gifted attorneys joining the movement to make a difference in our community.”

“We’re grateful that the City’s legal department is a place that these talented professionals want to work and make a difference. We are very excited to have each of these professionals join our incredible team,” stated City Attorney Esteban Aguilar.

Since March 2018, the following attorneys have joined the team:

  • Leigh Brunner, Municipal Affairs Division—Ms. Brunner was working at the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs in Santa Fe before coming to the City.  She is a graduate from the UNM School of Law.
  • Lara Christensen, Open Government Division—Ms. Christensen comes to the City from the Energy Clinic at the Vermont Law School where she was tasked with examining complex energy generation statutes and researched state regulatory rules.
  • Andrew Coon, Open Government Division—Mr. Coon joins the City after completing his Juris Doctor at the UNM School of Law.
  • Kinzer Jackson, Municipal Affairs Division—Ms. Jackson comes to the City from private practice at the Curtis & Lucero Law Firm.
  • Torri Jacobus, Civil Rights Coordinator—Ms. Jacobus joins the legal team after working for the past five years at the Second Judicial District Court.
  • Adam Leuschel, Real Estate and Land Use Division—Mr. Leuschel was serving as Assistant City Attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming before coming to the City of Albuquerque.
  • Devon Moody, Employment Litigation Division—Ms. Moody was working as an Associate Attorney at O’Brien & Padilla, P.C. before joining the City’s legal team.
  • Nick Nuñez, Employment Litigation Division—Mr. Nuñez came up through the Albuquerque City Attorney’s Office where he worked as a law clerk.
  • Alan Varela, Real Estate and Land Use Division—Mr. Varela joins the City after his time as a Senior Partner with an Albuquerque based business law firm.
  • Lindsay Van Meter, DOJ Compliance Division—Ms. Van Meter was working as a Career Law Clerk for Judge M. Christina Armijo (NM Federal District Court) before coming to the City.

Learn more about the City’s Legal Department on their website: