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City Encourages Residents to “Work for the City You Love” with Benefits and Bonuses to Support Families

Hiring bonuses start at $750, jobs available across departments for all backgrounds

Aug. 3, 2021

The City of Albuquerque is looking to hire employees for roles across the spectrum of city services and departments. Today, Mayor Tim Keller was joined by directors from City departments to discuss current openings and announce special hiring bonuses starting at $750 and going up to $15,000.

The City bonuses for certain high-need positions are available until December 31, 2021, making now an excellent time for job seekers to begin their applications with the City of Albuquerque. 

“Now is a great time to come work for the city you love, with new hiring bonuses and openings for many interests and skill sets,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “During the pandemic, City employees stepped up and provided the safety net to keep Albuquerque healthy and running. As part of our ongoing commitment to public safety, we’re offering lots of good reasons for folks to come on board and help with our robust recovery.”

“Becoming a Police Service Aide (PSA) is a fantastic career opportunity. As a PSA I get experience in the basics and fundamentals of law enforcement, which will make it an easier transition when I do eventually become an officer when I turn 21,” said Thomas Novicki, a City of Albuquerque Police Service Aide. “I’ve always wanted to go into law enforcement, my father has served proudly since 2002 and seeing him come home every day happy that he made a difference in the community and glad to get to work with likeminded people inspired me to do the same.” 

Throughout the pandemic, the City remained a dependable employer, supporting employees and their families through comprehensive benefits and extensive support programs. Through its Choose One initiative, the City encourages people to join the collective effort to make Albuquerque a stronger, healthier place.

With a boom in activity since the lifting of pandemic restrictions, City employees are needed to ensure that Albuquerque can continue on its trajectory for full recovery.

As unemployment remains high statewide, the City is actively looking to hire for immediate openings.

Departments presenting at today’s hiring announcement included:

  • Albuquerque Community Safety,
  • Albuquerque Fire Rescue,
  • Albuquerque Police Department,
  • Animal Welfare,
  • Emergency Communications, 
  • Municipal Development,
  • Parks and Recreation,
  • Planning,
  • Solid Waste, and
  • Transit

More information on available positions and how to apply can be found at

A healthily staffed city government is necessary to meet public safety and emergency response needs, offer recreation and event activities, provide transportation, and keep services running smoothly and timely for all residents.