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City Calls for More Tools to Hold Chronic Speeders Accountable

Proposed ordinance changes would allow booting, strengthen Automated Speed Enforcement.

March 20, 2023

Last year, Mayor Keller introduced the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program to curb dangerous speeding throughout Albuquerque. The automated systems issue $100 citations across the city to slow drivers and increase safety. While many fines are paid or resolved through community service, as prescribed under the ASE Ordinance, there are a few frequent violators that refuse to pay their fines. The City is proposing updates to the Automated Speed Enforcement Ordinance (ASE) and the Parking Ordinance to create a parking offense for drivers who are in default of payment on three or more ASE fines, allowing the City to boot vehicles with three or more unpaid ASE fines when parked on City streets. 

“Automated speed enforcement is a useful tool to help slow dangerous driving and make our streets safer,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “This ordinance would increase the effectiveness of ASE by providing another way to hold violators accountable for their actions.”

“Automated Speed Enforcement has been a great tool in slowing down traffic speeds and the option of community service has been helpful alternative to paying fines,” said Councilor Peña. “But we need to ensure violators are paying their fines and completing their penalties.”

“Clearly, there should be a consequence for those who repeatedly ignore these speeding citations,” said Councilor Benton

Upon passage of this legislation, the Department of Municipal Development would notify all persons with two or more unpaid ASE fines in default that defaulting on any additional ASE fines or not resolving current ASE fines in default may result in a parking citation and vehicle immobilization and impoundment if the person parks their vehicle on any City street or City owned or managed facility.

For more information on the proposed amendments and the ASE Ordinance, sponsored by Councilors Pena, Benton, and Bassan, please visit the City of Albuquerque's website(s) here:

Automated Speed Enforcement

Proposed Bill O-23-78