Tobacco Cessation Programs

Information about programs designed to help people quit using tobacco products.

 Clickotine® is an innovative program that uses clinically driven app technology to help you create and stick to a quit plan and overcome nicotine cravings. Based on clinical trials and data, Clickotine® has a high success rate and includes such features as:

    • Personalized Messaging
    • Real time Social Support
    • Financial Incentives

Clickotine® is available to City of Albuquerque Employees and dependents enrolled in the Presbyterian Health Plan. For information on how to enroll contact Customer Service at (505) 923-7787 or 1-855-261-7737.

For additional information visit:

The Quit For Life® program is available to employees, spouses and domestic partners. The Quit For Life® program employs the essential practices to Quit for Life. The evidence-based principles help people quit using all types of tobacco.

  1. Quit At Your Own Pace - Quit on your own terms, but get the help you need, when you need it.
  2. Conquer Your Urges to Smoke - Gain the skills you need to control cravings, urges and situations involving alcohol.
  3. Use Medications So they Really Work - Learn how to supercharge your quit attempt with the proper use of nicotine substitutes or medications.
  4. Don’t Just Quit, Become a Nonsmoker - Once you’ve stopped using tobacco, learn to never again have that “first” cigarette.

Lisa Gatan Interviews Jennie Lee (New Mexico Department of Health), Dorine Conley (American Cancer Society), and Liz Chavez (The Solutions Group). 26 minutes.