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BetterHealth Ambassador 💚

BetterHealth Ambassadors are wellness champions and advocates for healthy living, no matter where they are in their personal health journeys. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the City of Albuquerque BetterHealth Program and employees at their work locations, promoting health and wellness among coworkers and engaging them in wellness initiatives.

Information, resources, and tools:

NEW! BetterHealth Ambassador 2024 e-Toolkit 
Anything Flyer
Fresh Options Program Flyer
Signature Logo for Ambassadors
Wellness Monday
Wellness Tuesday
Wellness Wednesday
Wellness Thursday
Wellness Friday
Wellness Saturday

Request Forms:

Event Sign-In Request Form
Incentive Request Form
Program Reporting Form
Training Request Reporting

BetterHealth Ambassador Meetings:


💚 Quarter 1 Meeting - Tuesday March 19th, 2024 - Virtual

💚 Quarter 2 Meeting - Tuesday June 11th, 2024 - TBD

💚 Quarter 3 Meeting - Tuesday September 24th, 2024 - Virtual

💚 Quarter 4 Meeting - Tuesday December 10th, 2024 - City Hall