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Apartment and Hotel Management Resources

Types of Infestation to be Aware of

  • Bed bug
  • Cockroach
  • Rodent

When you should take action

  • Any complaint from your tenants should be taken seriously; if left unchecked and untreated the infestation could spread to other units. In the end, following-up on a false complaint is better than ignoring a serious and growing problem.
    • Not all of your tenants will file a complaint. Often times the source of an infestation is in an unchecked unit adjoining the unit of the tenant that will file the complaint.
  • Observing insect activity in common areas of your facility.
  • Take preventative action.
    • Train employees to look for signs of infestation
    • Retain regularly scheduled pest control

When the City gets involved

The Urban Biology Division of the Environmental Health Department enforces the Insect and Rodent Control Ordinance. 

Citizens residing in multi-unit dwellings (apartment buildings, hotels, duplex rental units) are instructed to first notify property management if an infestation is suspected. If tenants have not been responded to following the notification of management, they may file a complaint with our office through 311.

Our goal is the eradication or control of the infestation. The aim of our involvement is to provide aid to both tenants and management.

Public Outreach

The Urban Biology Division seeks out opportunities to expand our public outreach efforts. Our goal is to distribute accurate and useful information to those who need it most.

  • Contact our office with general questions or concerns via phone or email
  • Call to ask about our public outreach and training availability