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New Red-Yellow-Green Report to Help Public Make COVID-Safe Decisions Around Food Facilities

Weekly report details COVID-safety and food safety inspections carried out by Environmental Health

In a new effort to put COVID-safe information in the hands of the public, the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department (EHD) is publishing COVID-safe information similar to its well-known weekly food safety report, the Red-Green report, and publishing it online for the first time.

Ryan Mast, Environmental Health Department Director, said, “For decades, the City has been an effective watchdog for restaurant health, and during these tough times it’s important to continue to educate each other about the public health order, support and reward businesses doing a great job, and shine a light on those who have adapted and come into compliance.” 

The new Red-Yellow-Green report will document facility compliance or non-compliance with COVID-Safe Practices required by the State’s public health order.

“We’ve worked proactively with local restaurants and businesses to adopt COVID-Safe Practices since the pandemic started,” stated Environmental Health Deputy Director, Dr. Mark DiMenna. “This report is a new and transparent way to get important information directly into the hands of the public so they can make COVID-safe decisions.”

The report includes three categories: red, yellow, and green. Green indicates complete compliance and that there are no violations observed. Yellow indicates that some minor violations were found that can be corrected on site or require minor clarification. Red indicates there are either numerous or egregious violations or that the facility is repeatedly found to be non-compliant, or showing flagrant and willful non-compliance.

The Environmental Health Department will continue to work with facilities to ensure that the most current COVID Safe Practices are understood and well adopted. Outcomes of the inspection will also be available to the media on a weekly basis.

Find the first report today, updated weekly, at