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City Solidifies Sustainability Resolution

Resolution commits to cross-departmental sustainability initiatives
June 04, 2024

Today, Mayor Tim Keller signed the Sustainability Resolution which was unanimously passed by City Council. The resolution replaces multiple, decades old sustainability resolutions with modern, progressive initiatives that are aligned with the City’s 2021 Climate Action Plan.

“We’re tackling climate change at every level of City government, which hasn’t been done at this scale before,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “These bold directives ensure that everyone can benefit from sustainability in Albuquerque, and our families can continue to live and thrive here.”

The new resolution outlines the City’s commitments in various sectors:

  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Built Environment
  • Sustainable Materials Management
  • Nature-based Sustainable Practices
  • Sustainable Procurement Practices

“We have outlined even more strategies to prepare for and fight against climate change that will help to improve our health, economic stability, and quality of life in the coming years,” said City of Albuquerque Deputy Director of Policy and Sustainability Officer Ann Simon. “This resolution solidifies the City’s promise for a more sustainable future.”

Highlights of the resolution include incentives for more green jobs, direction to shop local for municipal purchases when possible, commitment to install 36 more electric vehicle charging stations, food waste programming, and more.

“Climate change is real and its impact is already being felt here in Albuquerque. Sadly, those impacts are felt first and the most in frontline communities,” says Albuquerque City Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn. “That's why I'm so proud that our city's new sustainability resolution focuses on vital climate resiliency efforts for community members who need help the most. The time to act is now, and Albuquerque is rising to meet the needs of its residents.”

“This Resolution provides a roadmap for the City's efforts to make our operations more efficient and sustainable,” said Albuquerque City Councilor Renee Grout. “These changes are measurable, include a cost-benefit analysis, and flexible to emphasize saving the taxpayers money.”

Read the full resolution online.