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City Releases First Climate Action Implementation Report

Report captures the progress of the first year of the Climate Action Plan

September 8, 2022

Today the City of Albuquerque released its first Climate Action Implementation Report (CAIR). The CAIR highlights implementation efforts following the strong calls to action from Albuquerque’s frontline communities captured in the 2021 Climate Action Plan (CAP). The 2021 CAP highlighted the importance of changing systems and investing in opportunities to protect communities already vulnerable to climate change and to create access for all residents to receive the benefits of climate action.

The CAIR summarizes progress over the past year on strategies across all CAP themes: sustainable buildings, renewable energy, clean transportation, recycling and waste, economic development, and climate conscious neighborhoods and resources. The new report presents a clear picture of recent progress as well as showcasing focused, actionable pathways to fulfilling a vision of a more sustainable and equitable Albuquerque.

“This report shows the City’s commitment to keeping the public informed on the range of projects and initiatives that stem from the 2021 Climate Action Plan,” said Sustainability Officer Kelsey Rader. “As we continue to move forward with implementation, the City will continue to engage residents to refine efforts to improve our health, economic stability, and quality of life in the coming years.”

Following the CAIR’s release, the Sustainability Office will continue to engage across City departments, utilities, community organizations and others to amplify mobilization and communication implementation. To further involve the public, the Sustainability Office will host quarterly community engagement sessions, with the first meeting on September 28th. Each meeting will center around a climate-related topic or project, and residents will be asked to provide input that will be used to inform current and future initiatives. The Office will also complete yearly, follow-up reporting through updated versions of the CAIR.

“The reality of climate change threatens our communities and generations of Burqueños to come, and it is our responsibility to take bold action,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Our first Climate Action Implementation Report captures the critical work that the City and our community are doing to build resiliency, to address this crisis, and become a leading sustainable city.”

View the full report here.

The CAIR builds on the Keller administration’s substantial work to date on sustainability, including:

  • Utilization of 88% renewable energy for municipal operations with the completion of the Solar Direct project,
  • A $2.7 million federal grant to bring the first electric buses to Albuquerque,
  • Signed the Paris Agreement, after President Trump pulled out, committing the city to climate action,
  • Installation of 38 solar projects at city-owned buildings,
  • Ranked as 4th highest large U.S. City for most solar installed per capita by Environment America’s Shining Cities 2022 Report,
  • Launching of the Mayor’s Energy Challenge to support local businesses reduce energy use,
  • Won Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge with funding for sustainability efforts,
  • Transition to more sustainable LED street lights citywide,
  • Provided over 200 homes with free energy audits and upgrades in partnership with PNM, Partnership for Community Action and Prosperity Works,
  • Procurement of the all-electric vehicles for the City fleet, and enactment of a “Zero Emissions First” fleet vehicle adoption policy,
  • Achievement of LEED for Cities Silver certification,
  • Ranked 31stout of over 100 U.S. Cities for overall sustainability on the 2021 City Clean Energy Scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE),
  • Installation of 20 electric charging stations with 36 charging ports across City facilities,
  • Achieved Solsmart’s Gold Designation,
  • Launch of the 2021 Climate Action Plan.