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City Launches Conservation and Urban Wildlife Youth Artwork Contest

Youth can enter artwork to be featured on promotional items, win prizes, and learn about conservation and coexisting with urban wildlife

September 29, 2022

The City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department is launching a kids-only art contest to promote coexistence with urban wildlife, conservation, and environmental education. Contestants ages 18 and under are asked to create artwork with the theme of the critters of Albuquerque. The contest is part of the department’s larger initiative to promote coexistence and for youth to discover more about the wildlife they share our city with.

“Albuquerque is unique in that we’re in close proximity to many types of habitat[SD1] s, this leads to great wildlife diversity in our area,” said Nick Pederson, Urban Biology Manager. “Exploring our city with curiosity and learning to respect wildlife is an important part of coexisting in an urban area.”

After completing their design, contestants can submit a scan or photograph of their entry via email to [email protected]. Artwork will be panel judged and the winning submissions will be offered to the Environmental Health Department as prospective artwork for promotional items. 10 winners will receive a critters of Albuquerque t-shirt. Prizes are not compensation for work or purchase of submissions, they are prizes for being a finalist in the contest.

For inspiration and more information on some of Albuquerque’s critters, visit Please submit entries and direct any questions to [email protected].