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City Announces Readiness for COVID Vaccination Requirement or Testing for Employees

In compliance with OSHA, city employees must report vaccination status or provide weekly negative COVID results

Today, City officials provided an update on the City’s COVID-19 response including an administrative instruction for employee vaccination and testing. In preparation for compliance with OSHA, or related State regulations, the City of Albuquerque readies for implementation of vaccination requirement or weekly testing for all employees.

All City employees who have received one or more doses of any approved COVID-19 vaccination must provide written proof of vaccination by January 21st. Employees who have not been vaccinated must also report their status at this time. Employees are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose in a two-dose vaccine series like Pfizer or Moderna, or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine such as Johnson and Johnson.

“With COVID surging, and a strong need to keep city services unaffected, we’re taking all necessary steps to remain in compliance with the federal rule and protect our employees,” said Human Resources Director, Anthony Romero. “Vaccination and testing remain the most powerful tools to keep our city healthy.”

Employees who are unvaccinated must comply with weekly testing beginning February 7th and provide documentation of a negative test result or they will be removed from the workplace and placed in an unpaid status until they provide the required test result. Employees who fail to comply with vaccination, testing, or face coverings and reporting requirements are subject to disciplinary action.

“While we know that Omicron may cause less severe disease it’s still an incredibly fast moving and deadly virus,” said Environmental Health Acting Director, Dr. Mark DiMenna. “We encourage everyone to take all measures to protect the vulnerable.”

COVID vaccines are the most effective tool to prevent severe illness and hospitalization. Vaccines are free, find a vaccine at: