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Closed Russ Pitney Landfill

General information on the closed Russ Pitney Landfill

Location –North of Elena Drive NE, Between Barstow and Wyoming

Dates of Operation – 1974-1984

Acres – 4.5

Estimated Amount of Waste – Unknown

Depth to Groundwater and Direction – 500-550 feet and flows to the southeast

Site Description

The closed private Russ Pitney Landfill is located off of Elena Drive NE.  The landfill consisted of the north and south fill areas.  The north fill area is located on Elena Drive between Barstow and Wyoming Blvd. and covers an area of approximately 4.5 acres.  This area is thought to have primarily received construction and demolition waste.  The waste and cover thickness is unknown.  The south fill area was excavated in 2007 and was located at the southeast corner of Elena and Barstow NE. 

The City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department has not conducted any landfill gas or groundwater assessments at this closed private landfill and is unaware of any assessment activities performed at the existing closed north fill area.

The buffer zone for this landfill is established at 1,000 feet from the landfill boundary.  Building projects and development projects located within the buffer zone are reviewed by the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department for landfill gas impacts.

Current Status

New developments must follow Environmental Services Division's guidelines within buffer zones.

Project Documents

Please contact the New Mexico Environment Department’s Solid Waste Bureau for information concerning the waste excavation from the south fill area:

505-827-0197 or