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Closed Atrisco Landfill

General information on the City of Albuquerque Closed Atrisco Landfill.

Location – Between Sunset Gardens and Salvador East of Old Coors Road

Dates of Operation – 1968 - 1969 by the City of Albuquerque

Acres – 7.5 acres

Estimated Original Amounts of  Waste – 75,800 tons or 151,700 cubic yards

Depth to Groundwater and Direction – 85 feet and site-specific flows is to the south-southeast

Site Description

The closed Atrisco Landfill is located east of Old Coors Road, south of Sunset Gardens Road, north of Salvador Road and west of Corregidor Drive.  The original area of the landfill was a 7.5 acre gravel pit that received municipal waste from 1968 to 1969.  Approximately 75,800 tons (151,700 cubic yards) of waste was landfilled.  In 1972 the property may have received construction and demolition waste.  The landfill is unlined with a soil cover of approximately 6 feet and a waste depth ranging from 3-14 feet.   In 1982 the City View Mobile Home Park was established on the landfill with 66 lots, a water and wastewater delivery system, and a stormwater detention pond on the east side. 

Landfill gas studies conducted since 2002 have not identified methane and chlorinated solvent landfill gases.  A total of 9 landfill gas monitor wells have been sampled by the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department regularly since 2002.  None of the wells have shown methane and chlorinated solvent detections. 

Three groundwater monitor wells were installed by the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department around the landfill in 2002.  One monitor well has since been destroyed.  Annual sampling results show ground water below the drinking water standards for all constituents. 

The buffer zone for this landfill is established at 250 feet from the landfill boundary.  Building projects and development projects located within the buffer zone are reviewed by the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department for landfill gas impacts.

Current Status

  • Continue semi-annual landfill gas and annual groundwater monitoring.

Project Documents