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Floor Plan

Orient yourself to the Museum's floor plan before your visit.

A map of the Balloon Museum grounds and exhibitions.

Balloon Museum Exhibitions Lower Level

  1. Early Ballooning
  2. Balloons In War
  3. Canopy Of Color
  4. How Balloons Fly
  5. Atlantic Crossing
  6. Pacific Flights
  7. Around The World
  8. The Strato Lab
  9. The Weather Lab
  10. Sport Ballooning & Fai Hall Of Fame
  11. Bryce Risley: Focusing Beyond Balloons
  12. Artic Air: The Bold Flight of S.A. Andrée
  13. Dirigible Dreams
  14. Perspectives Gallery
  15. In Their Words: Stories By Women On The Ground & In The Air
  16. Elevation Station


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