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Trans-Oceanic & Around the World Flights

Information about the permanent exhibitions Trans-Atlantic Flights, Trans-Pacific Flights, and Around the World Flights.

The Double Eagle V exhibit at the Trans-Oceanic & Around the World Flights exhibition at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum. The craft is a yellow and red and the photo is a close-up of the main structure.

Trans-Atlantic Flights

For decades, crossing the Atlantic Ocean challenged many balloonists. These perilous journeys took different forms and claimed many lives. Ultimately, Albuquerque balloonists achieved the seemingly impossible in Double Eagle II.

Trans-Pacific Flights

Crossing the Pacific Ocean by balloon would mean achieving one of the longest balloon flights in history. The first to achieve this was Double Eagle V. Later, new distance and duration world records were set by Two Eagles, a trans-Pacific balloon flight that took place in 2015.

Around the World Flights

The first serious attempts to fly nonstop around the world by balloon were attempted in the Jules Verne, a gondola on display here. However, it took until 1999 for Breitling Orbiter 3 to achieve what no others had accomplished before.