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Tuesday, May 05 2020

Air Quality Index
Nitrogen Dioxide Index is 7 (Good)
Ground-Level Ozone Index is 45 (Good)
Sulfur Dioxide Index is 0 (Good)
Fine Particulate Index is 27 (Good)
Carbon Monoxide Index is 1 (Good)
Coarse Particulate Index is 45 (Good)
Pollen Count East
Cottonwood is 491 (High)
Mulberry is 314 (High)
Juniper is 173 (High)
Oak is 48 (Medium)
Pine is 48 (Medium)
Ash is 21 (Medium)
Birch is 10 (Low)
Maple is 5 (Low)
Pollen Count West
Cottonwood is 216 (High)
Juniper is 155 (High)
Mulberry is 105 (High)
Oak is 89 (Medium)
Pine is 12 (Low)
Ash is 5 (Low)
Maple is 5 (Low)
Chenopodiaceae is 5 (Low)
Birch is 4 (Low)
Mormon Tea is 2 (Low)
Ok to Burn?
Wood burning is not currently prohibited; however, please consider limiting or avoiding wood burning where possible to help protect our air