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What is today's pollen count? Is the weather irritating your allergies? Find information on ragweed and other common allergy-causing plants in Albuquerque.

About Pollen Counts

The City operates two pollen samplers and counts pollen every weekday.

pine2a_000.gifPollen's Appearance

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How to Help

Did you know some trees are prohibited in Albuquerque in order to control allergy-producing pollen.

See a list of restricted trees.

If you're landscaping or planning a garden, choose to plant low-pollen trees.

The beautiful trees and plants around Albuquerque can cause problems for people sensitive to the pollen they produce.

Today's Pollen Count

View Today's Pollen Count

To hear today's pollen count via phone, call (505) 768-4734 or (505) 766-7664.

Pollen Regulation