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Riding ART

Information about using Albuquerque Rapid Transit.

How to Ride

  • Pre-purchase fare and board bus at any door without showing your ticket.
  • Wait for passengers to exit the bus before you get on.
  • ART has a level boarding platform, which makes boarding time shorter. It is easily accessible for wheelchairs, disabled passengers, strollers, and other rolling items.
  • Bicycles may be brought on board and stored but are subject to space availability.

Getting to an ART Station

Park and Ride Locations

Leave your vehicle at any Park & Ride lot for easy access to ART. Parking is free for ABQ RIDE passengers during hours of operation.

  • Central & Unser Transit Center - West Central and Unser
  • Uptown Transit Center - 2121 Indiana NE
  • Louisiana & Central - Near entrance to Expo NM

Accessing a Station

HAWK Signal

High-intensity Activated crossWalK beacon (HAWK) is a traffic control device used to stop road traffic and allow pedestrians to cross safely. All crossings are signalized for pedestrians.

Mid-Block Cross Walk

Wait for walking signal before crossing to ART stations. Never cross without appropriate signal, and always look both ways for traffic. Stations will vary- always look for the dots to follow when crossing.

At Station

Tickets can be purchased at the station kiosk or on a mobile device with ABQ RIDE tix app. An emergency button and a customer service button are also located on the staiton platform.

Station Loading Area

Be aware of incoming buses.

ART Rules

  • Smoking & eating on buses or at stations is prohibited.
  • Beverages must be in spill-proof containers. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Keep feet off seats.
  • Earphones required for audio or video devices.
  • Vandalism is punishable by fine.
  • Solicitation is not permitted.
  • Proof of fare purchase must be available at all times