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Ride Guide & Accessibility

Information about using Albuquerque Rapid Transit.

How to Ride

  • Passengers can rider ART at no cost through Dec. 31, 2022.
  • Board bus through any door without showing your ticket. Wait for passengers to exit the bus before boarding.
  • Bicycles may be brought on board through the back door only.
  • Customers with wheelchairs should board through the front door.

Getting to the Stations

Signalized Crosswalks

All crossings to and from the stations are signalized for pedestrians. Push the button and wait for the walk signal before crossing to ART stations. Always look both ways for traffic and always use the crosswalk.

Be aware of incoming buses.

Free Park and Ride Locations

Leave your vehicle at any Park & Ride lot for easy access to ART. Parking is free for ABQ RIDE passengers during hours of operation.

  • West Side: Central & Unser Transit Center
  • East Side: Uptown Transit Center - 2121 Indiana NE
  • Louisiana & Central - Near entrance to Expo NM

Other Premium Features

  • Free high-speed WiFi is available on all ART buses and stations. Remember to bring headphones.
  • ART has bus-only lanes in high-traffic areas to help get you to your destination more quickly.
  • ART will be the most consistent way to travel along Central Avenue because of traffic signal prioritization, which gives buses green light priority.
  • ART has a level boarding platform, which makes boarding time shorter.


  • ART stations are elevated, well lit, and have monitors displaying travel information.
  • Every day, stations and buses are cleaned and patrolled by Transit Security officers.
  • All stations have four security cameras and an emergency 911 call button.
  • APD will issue tickets to drivers crossing over the ART lanes or making U-turns across those lanes. Each violation could cost $80, with the possibility of up to $160 in fines.

Accessibility Features

ART is dedicated to delivering the best travel experience possible for all passengers.

  • Level boarding makes it easier for passengers with mobility impairments to ride. It is easily accessible for wheelchairs, disabled passengers, strollers, bicycles, and other rolling items.
  • There are two wheel chair securement places on each ART bus.
  • Braille stop request buttons are available inside the ART bus.
  • All signalized crosswalks to ART stations have acoustic in both English and Spanish and vibratory signals to assist those with sensory impairments.
  • Tactile guide-ways and truncated domes are placed on the edge of stations to aid those with mobility and sight impediments.
  • Pedestrian crossings are timed to allow passengers to cross safely and comfortably.

ART Rules

  • Proof of fare purchase must be available at all times.
  • Smoking & eating on buses or at stations is prohibited.
  • Beverages must be in spill-proof containers. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Keep feet off seats.
  • Earphones required for audio or video devices.
  • Vandalism is punishable by fine.
  • Solicitation is not permitted.