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Driving with ART

Information for drivers along the ART Corridor.

Travel Training


ABQ RIDE offers specialized Travel Training for individuals who need assistance in utilizing the local transit service.

For more information call (505) 724-3115.

Driving with ART

ART runs in the middle of Central except the following areas where stations are street side: Downtown, East of Louisiana and the Uptown spur.

  • Coors to Rio Grande: Two lanes of automobile traffic each direction.
  • Rio Grande to University: One lane of automobile traffic each direction.
  • University to Girard: Two lanes of automobile traffic in each direction.
  • Girard to San Mateo: One lane of automobile traffic each direction.
  • East of San Mateo: Two lanes of automobile traffic each direction.
  • In Downtown, ART runs on Gold and Copper rather than Central.
  • At Louisiana, ART service splits: One route goes to Uptown and the other to Tramway. Both routes will be in general purpose lanes with cars. Both routes make a return trip back to the Central and Unser Transit Center.

Only buses, emergency and ART maintenance vehicles are permitted in the ART lane.

Left turns and U-Turns are only permitted at signalized intersections.

HAWK Signals

High-intensity Activated crossWalK beacon (HAWK) is a traffic control device used to stop road traffic and allow pedestrians to cross safely.

Image of a HAWK signal

Transit Signals

Transit signals are mounted on traffic signals in front of the bus only lane. These signals are black and white, and consist of a horizontal line, a triangle and a vertical line.

These signals only direct transit vehicles. Drivers should ignore them.