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About Sustainability

The Sustainability Office positions Albuquerque as a leading resilient, equitable, and sustainable community.
Albuquerque's First Family.

Launched in January 2019, the Sustainability Office supports programs across city government and the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while growing our economy and supporting resident health.  We take a sector-by-sector approach, focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, low-carbon transportation, and reducing waste. The Office is housed in the City’s Environmental Health Department

As a winner of the American Climate Cities Challenge, the Sustainability Team receives support to accomplish six bold goals to meet our emissions reduction targets as outlined in the Paris Climate Accord. Our work focuses on the building and transportation sectors, which account for 80 percent of our emissions. 

Thanks to support from our City leaders and residents, Albuquerque has already made some huge strides and achieved some major environmental goals. A few of our sustainability accomplishments include:

  • Passage of the Clean and Green Ordinance
  • Development of the PNM Solar Direct project – on course to provide the City with 54% of its energy needs from solar
  • Secured $2.7 million for electric buses from the Federal Transit Administration’s Low and No Emissions grant
  • Secured $25,000 to support LEED for Cities Certification
  • Named as Albuquerque one of top ten U.S. cities for most solar per capita

Contact Us

Our core team is led by Sustainability Officer Kelsey Rader and our on-site Climate Advisor Sydney Lienemann.

If you have a general question regarding sustainability efforts, please email us at [email protected].

You may also contact us individually at:

Kelsey Rader
[email protected]
(505) 768-2739

Sydney Lienemann
[email protected]