Bicycle & Pedestrian Amenities

Information about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Amenities section of the Engineering Division.

Albuquerque is constantly improving and expanding upon its existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities for the enjoyment, safety, health and convenience of its citizens. Efforts for improving the overall system have been recently focused on grade separations with trails and major arterials, filling in the gaps within the bikeways system to create connectivity, and adding additional bicycle and trail routes. The goal is to provide the citizens of Albuquerque options when it comes to biking or walking for daily exercise and commuting.

Bike Map

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Bike Committee

In addition, the City has a Bicycle Advisory Committee known as the Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory (GABAC) who advises the City on the concerns and needs of the growing bicycling community.

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Bike Facilities

Learn more about bike facilities used in Albuquerque.