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Creating Your Person Profile & Performance Documents

Information about training opportunities and resources for creating your Person Profile and Performance Documents in PeopleSoft.

Welcome to PeopleSoft Talent Management at the City of Albuquerque

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Have you ever wondered why we do PEG's or EWP's every year? Why they are not done online, with employee input and employee developed goals? Is there a better way?

Yes, there is a better way and it is called Talent Management! Employees of the City of Albuquerque now have the opportunity to manage their personal profiles and performance plans in a meaningful way using PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. Talent Management puts YOU in the driver's seat of your career.

My Current Profile allows employees to establish an identify beyond their job description.

  • Employees can document and track military service, training, education, as well as, licensing and certifications of any type (job related or personal).
  • Profiles also help supervisors track certification expirations and have a better understanding of employee KSA's (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

Performance Management replaces PEG's and EWP's and is an ongoing, year round active system and is a communication process with these important aspects:

  • Communicating the business direction
  • Planning performance
  • Managing performance
  • Evaluating performance (Self-Review and Manager Review)

Talent Management Training

Manager Training Video

Employee Training Video

Links to the online Job Aids for creating your "Person Profile"

Employee Job Aids

Manager Job Aids

Links to the online Job Aids for creating a "Performance Document"

Employee Job Aids

Manager Job Aids

General Topics

Step 1: Start of Performance Period

Step 2: Checkpoints

Step 3: Evaluation Process