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Creating Your Person Profile & Performance Documents

Information about training opportunities and resources for creating your Person Profile and Performance Documents in PeopleSoft.

Welcome to PeopleSoft Talent Management

Welcome to CABQ Talent Management! Employees of the City of Albuquerque have the opportunity to manage their personal profiles and performance plans in a meaningful way using PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. Talent Management puts YOU in the driver's seat of your career.

My Current Profile allows employees to establish an identify beyond their job description.

  • Employees can document and track military service, training, education, as well as, licensing and certifications of any type (job related or personal).
  • Profiles also help supervisors track certification expirations and have a better understanding of employee KSA's (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

Performance Management is an ongoing, year round active system and is a communication process with these important aspects:

  • Communicating and Measuring the City Core Values
  • Planning performance
  • Managing performance
  • Evaluating performance (Self-Review and Manager Review)

City of Albuquerque Core Values


  • Employees are open-minded, flexible in their thinking, and transparent in their actions
  • Employees are honest about their work, taking responsibility for success, failure, and correction
  • Employees are courageous, willing to give and ask for help, then make the tough decisions that represent the right thing to do


  • Employees deliver on their commitments and follow through on their obligations as public servants
  • Employees demonstrate knowledge of their product and operations and demonstrate proficiency in their jobs every day
  • Employees are aware of changing customer needs and continually improve the quality of service and its delivery


  • Employees each lead by example and inspire each other to thrive, excel, and achieve their personal and professional potential
  • Employees do ordinary things extraordinarily well and welcome and embrace learning, change, and challenge
  • Employees are role models of respect, expertise, and professionalism that inspire trust in themselves and government
  • Employees commit to work together as a team in order to promote communication, diversity, and critical thinking with high-quality outcomes

Ethical Conduct

  • Employees use time and City resources productively for work-related purposes
  • Employees act and make choices with honesty and integrity in compliance with City of Albuquerque rules and regulations
  • Demonstrates a positive portrayal of City values, as a representative of the City on and off duty

Environmental Sustainability

  • Departments and employees commit to practicing environmental sustainability through Reducing waste, Reuse of resources, and Recycling whenever possible
  • Departments will promote and encourage environmental awareness and consider sustainability issues when making decisions
  • Departments will make resources available to implement environmental risk management procedures

Sustaining a Health Conscious Work Environment

  • Employees and leaders are committed to better health by sustaining a health-conscious work environment through improving physical activity, nutrition, and brain health
  • Employees and leaders will role model, participate, and engage others and family members to participate in health and wellness programs
  • Employees and leaders are committed to the mission of improving the quality of life for themselves and their families

Talent Management Training

Links to the online Job Aids for creating your "Person Profile"

Employee Job Aids

Manager Job Aids

Links to the online Job Aids for creating a "Performance Document"

Employee Job Aids

Manager Job Aids

General Topics

Step 1: Start of Performance Period

Step 2: Checkpoints

Step 3: Evaluation Process