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Application Process

Sign up for a WorkKeys test and submit your scores to the City of Albuquerque when you apply for a job.

So you've found a job posting with the City of Albuquerque that requires WorkKeys scores. WorkKeys is free for you to take. Find out what you need to do to apply.

Take the WorkKeys Test

  1. Test for WorkKeys through the City of Albuquerque's Employee Learning Center or other authorized testing locations. You need to be applying for a City of Albuquerque job that requires WorkKeys testing.
  2. Schedule your test online or by calling (505) 768-3200.
  3. On test day, bring your valid state-issued license or photo identification card to the testing location.
  4. Receive your scores. These will be valid for the following three years.

Apply for a Job

  1. Find the Job Announcement.
  2. When prompted, upload your official WorkKeys score transcript, which was sent to you by ACT after you completed your WorkKeys tests, and a scan of your National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) - both sides, please! You can also retrieve your WorkKeys Score Transcript online.

Improve Your Scores

If your scores aren't high enough for the position you want, you can get free online training through KeyTrain. You'll learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and focus on the skills you need.

  1. Request a KeyTrain account from Public Service University online at (505) 768-3200 or through New Options New Mexico.
  2. Log in to the KeyTrain website.
  3. Complete your KeyTrain Course.
  4. Sign up to take the WorkKeys test again.