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CABQ Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

Mandatory Annual Workplace Harassment Prevention Training for all City of Albuquerque Employees


Harassment and abusive conduct cost employers billions of dollars each year in lawsuits, employee turnover and lost productivity. Training in workplace harassment is mandatory each year for all City of Albuquerque employees and is essential for our organization to be accountable to New Mexico state law and ensure employees experience a safe, fair, and healthy work environment.

This course is a 1.5-hour training module that provides City of Albuquerque Employees with a "Common Sense" approach to harassment prevention in the workplace and strategies to define, identify, report and avoid participating in harassment in the workplace in accordance with COA Administrative Instructions 7-18 and 7-37.

Click here to access the Administrative Instruction


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Access the City of Albuquerque administrative instructions on harassment in the workplace
  • Define harassment and sexual harassment
  • Identify the different types of sexual harassment
  • Learn to recognize sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Explain the complaint and reporting process
  • Explore examples of harassment and how to avoid it

 Course Duration:  1.5 hours

Who is required to attend? All City of Albuquerque employees

Training types:

Face to Face: For all first-time attendees and those without access to a computer.

Online: Refresher for all employees who have attended a face to face training session

How to Register:

Employees will receive an email notice to register for the training through the ELM platform and will register for an available course from the schedule of course offerings.

Employees without email access will be registered by their supervisor and assigned a training course to attend.

For more information contact Danielle Reed at 768-3214 or at [email protected]