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BetterHealth Program

The BetterHealth program for city employees and their families provides a pathway to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The program includes health education, wellness interventions, and campaigns to make healthy lifestyles easier at work.
  • 5-Year Strategic Plan 2012-2017

    The 5 Year Strategic Plan for the BetterHealth worksite wellness program is a focus tool to effectively and collaboratively address the program's priorities to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and reduce tobacco use. Science based strategies will be used to reach employees and their families. The health office culture that emerges over five years will demonstrate that the City of Albuquerque and 16 government entities truly value health.

  • BetterHealth Ambassador

    BetterHealth Ambassadors are wellness champions and advocates for health living, no matter where they are in their personal health journeys. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the City of Albuquerque BetterHealth Program and employees at their work locations, promoting health and wellness among coworkers and engaging them in wellness initiatives.

  • BetterHealth through Good Measures

    Good Measures: Better Nutrition for BetterHealth

  • Mobile Health Center

    Information about the Mobile Health Center program.

  • Monthly Wellness Quick Read

    Information about the Monthly Wellness Quick Read.

  • New Mexico Sports & Wellness Corporate Fitness Program

    Information about the New Mexico Sports & Wellness Corporate Fitness program.

  • Nuvita - Better YOU


  • Online Wellness Resources

    Information about Online Wellness Resources.

  • For City Employees: Personal Health Assessment

    Information about the Personal Health Assessment program for employees of the City of Albuquerque.

  • Planet Fitness

    The City of Albuquerque BetterHealth Program has partnered with Planet Fitness and will offer a limited amount of memberships at no cost to all City of Albuquerque employees.

  • Quit for Life

    Information about the Quit for Life program.

  • Take the Stairs Campaign

    Information about the Take the Stairs Campaign.

  • Video Visits

    Information about Video Visits.

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