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Vehicle Reinspection

Information about having a vehicle re-tested following a failed emissions test.

Reinspection Times & Location

Emission reinspections are conducted from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays excluding holidays.

Reinspections are conducted at Vehicle Pollution Management offices.

There is no fee for retesting at Vehicle Pollution Management offices.


Any vehicle which fails an emission test may be retested at no charge at the Vehicle Pollution Management offices station within 90 days of the failed test.

Prior to retesting, a low emissions tune-up or engine diagnostic should be completed.

Post-1995 Vehicles

Following repairs on 1996 and newer vehicles, the additional step of completing "drive cycles" (see owners manual) or driving the vehicle for several days may be required to make the vehicle's on-board computer and emissions components "ready" for testing.

Extra Time

Vehicles in need of major repairs exceeding $300 may be eligible for a time extension allowing for a one year registration.

To apply for a time extension, you will need to bring the vehicle, failed test, and receipts or a written estimate from a licensed repair facility (see back of failed test). Proof of ownership such as current registration, title, or bill of sale is also required.

Referee Inspections

Referee inspectors at the headquarters station will reinspect the vehicle and review the failed test and repair documentation to determine if the vehicle qualifies for a time extension.

The referee inspectors at the Vehicle Pollution Management offices are ASE certified technicians and play an important role in the Division's quality assurance efforts.

If they find that a vehicle was not tested properly at an Air Care station, they can require the station to refund the original test fee and retest the vehicle to correct the error at no charge.

Air Care inspectors are unlikely to repeat an error after vehicles are returned to them for retest and refund. This is one of several ways in which City inspectors monitor and assure the quality of testing done at private Air Care stations.