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Owning an Inspection Station

Information about Albuquerque Inspection Station requirements, analyzers, equipment, and training.

Only Air Care Stations certified by Vehicle Pollution Management may conduct emissions testing in the Albuquerque program area.

Becoming an Inspection Station

Air Care Station applications are available from Vehicle Pollution Management or download the Air Care Station Application.

Basic station requirements include a test bay large enough to accommodate vehicles subject to testing (up to 10,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating), a Vehicle Pollution Management approved emissions analyzer, and a certified Air Care inspector.


Fees include:

  • $200 annual station certification fee
  • $35 inspector certificate fee
  • $4.50 vehicle inspection report fee per test

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Approved Analyzers

The only emissions analyzer currently approved for use is the EIS 5000 from Worldwide Environmental Products.

Certified Inspectors

All inspectors are trained and certified by Vehicle Pollution Management to conduct emissions inspections.

For more information on becoming an inspector, contact us or visit Inspector Training.

Required Supplies & Equipment

Sufficient expendable supplies and reference materials to conduct inspections must be available at all times.

These materials include:

  • Filters and certified calibration gas
  • Reference materials such as the current Motor "Emission Control Systems Application" or the current Mitchell "Emission Control Application Guide"
  • EIS 5000 Analyzer users manual
  • Plain copy paper
  • Placards and signs provided and approved by Vehicle Pollution Management
  • Air compressor sufficient to deliver 90psi clean dry air to the emissions analyzer
  • Internet connectivity in order to to send inspection data to the VID in Real-time or near Real-time.  It will be your responsibility to procure and maintain internet service at your station.
  • Current Stant fuel cap testing adapter application chart and all adapters