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Air Care Inspector

For new Inspectors, a minimum three-day initial training course is required. Course work involves two days of classroom and one to three days of practical training on the emission analyzer units.

The course is offered monthly and requires a non-refundable registration fee of $35 which will be applied to the certification fee upon successful completion of the class.

Volunteer Vehicle Testing

Volunteer vehicle testing is scheduled for the general public, at no cost, during the new inspector training course. Volunteer tests are scheduled on one half hour intervals.

In addition to the voluntary tests the students also test vehicles that come in for re-testing during the practical part of the training.

All tests are supervised by our technicians to ensure that the test is conducted properly and that the information given to the motorist is correct. This hands-on testing allows students to practice on a variety of vehicles and ensures that they have the basic knowledge to conduct an emissions test.

Existing Inspectors

Inspectors must re-certify each year by completing a four-hour re-certification course and exam. Re-certification training maintains Inspector competence and ensures quality testing. For station managers and service writers, a special class is presented to give a program overview.