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Former City Landfills

Sites regularly monitored for possible landfill gas migration and groundwater protection include:  Los Angeles Landfill, South Eubank Landfill, Yale Landfill, Sacramento Landfill, Coronado Landfill, San Antonio Landfill, and Atrisco Landfill.  Due to the flammability of landfill gas, ESD established landfill gas buffer zones around these landfills as well as other documented private or illegal dump sites throughout the City.  EHD and the Planning Department monitor all development and construction to coordinate health and safety requirements for development within these buffer zones.

The City developed the Interim Guidelines for Development within City Designated Landfill Buffer Zones to identify the requirements for any development within the zones.  Read more about the Interim Landfill Guidelines. See an interactive map on City landfills.

The former Los Angeles Landfill has an extensive landfill gas extraction system which collects the flammable gas on south of the site where it is burned in a closed flare.  The City maintains the site on a weekly basis to provide safety on the site which is also used during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta for RV parking.


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