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Burn Restrictions

Is it safe to burn? If you use a wood-burning stove or fireplace, please check before you burn.


Today's Burn & No-Burn Status

Note: We issue burn restrictions from Oct. 1 through Feb. 28/29.

Call (505) 768-BURN or (505) 768-2876 to hear a recorded message about today's status. The message is updated daily at 11 a.m., and is applicable for 24 hours through 11 a.m. the following day.

Why Burning is Regulated

What is regulated?

If you live in Bernalillo County, you must check today's status before you burn using any of the following items:

Why is This Important?

Keep your family healthy and Albuquerque clean by watching for no-burn days. Burn restrictions were developed to help reduce the output of carbon monoxide and elements which contribute to the formation of ozone.

How Do we Decide?

Factors such as current pollutant levels, daily weather patterns, air movement, and temperature levels are all taken into consideration daily before a no-burn call is made.

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EPA Burn Wisely

Get an EPA-certified wood-burning stove or heater.

List of EPA Certified Wood Stoves

"Just 20 old non-EPA-certified wood stoves can emit more than 1 ton of fine particles into your area during the cold months of the year."


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There are some exemptions to burn restrictions for Bernalillo County. If any of the following apply, you may burn during a "No Burn" period.

  • Use of an EPA-certified wood stove or fireplace.
  • If the woodburning device is the sole source of heat or fuel for cooking
  • Medical necessity of a woodburning device
  • Low income status
  • Emergency situations such as the failure of a residence's primary heating system

Proof of Exemption

If you believe you qualify for an exemption you may download or print the following documents.

For more information, all (505) 768-1972 or email [email protected].

Details of Burn Regulations

During a declared no-burn period, residential woodburning devices are not allowed to operate within Bernalillo County except for EPA-certified wood burning devices.

The restrictions on burning in your fireplace or wood stove run from Oct. 1 through Feb. 28/29. There is an applicable burn-down period for fires that were started the morning the no-burn call was made. The burn-down period provides 3 hours (until 2 p.m.) for any existing fires to burn out. March 1 through Sept. 30 you may burn in the fireplace or wood stove at your convenience, as long as there is not excessive smoke.

It is not illegal to use a solid fuel heating device or fireplace for heating or ambiance, as long as it is an "okay to burn" day, the fuel being used is correct for that type of heating device, and wood used for heating is both dry and seasoned. However, persons using fireplaces or wood stoves must comply with the requirements of Code Enforcement (which includes stack height specifications), and, when operating, the solid fuel device or fireplace must not exceed a 30 percent capacity rating as required by regulation.